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why was fund raising neotopia for kickstarter removed so fast?

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by GHostChaser, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. GHostChaser

    GHostChaser New In Town

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    I went to pledge but it said funding is cancelled.
    How do we pledge now?
    will it be re opened?

    as it's Christmas people will be saving for that time of year. Please give people another chance to send funding so, many charities will want money at the same time. I know for a fact in uk there has been a huge fund raiser called 'children in need' also,' poppy appeal'
    give people some more time to raise some money, but open the kickstarter when christmas is over.

    January would still be a bad time eventhough, people get christmas money, many will spend on January sales.

    Just a few pointers and hope it makes some sense to all

    best wishes from a friend from across the waters,

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    Post #2 by Oo_sKy_bLuE_oO, Nov 18, 2014
  3. Oo_sKy_bLuE_oO

    Oo_sKy_bLuE_oO sky

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    Hi GHost,
    The kickstarter Campaign was set up for a 30 day time frame, October 1st to 31st. We didn't achieve the target amount. Kickstarter is all or nothing which means if you don't reach the goal all pledges are refunded.There is no extention to the time permitted. From what I understand, another Kickstarter campaign is not off the table but we will have to wait and see what Mad Munki has in the works :)

    The Neotopia team is working on securing funding to build Neotopia so please check here in the forum often for news regarding the progress.
    On behalf of Mad Monki I would like to say thank you for your loyalty and willingness to support the Neotopia project and please continue to spread the word by promoting the website and forum website:

    :) Best Regards, Oo_sKy_bLuE_oO
    Forum Moderator
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  4. Steven1230

    Steven1230 Imaginative

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    Madmonki saw that the kickstarter was not going to make it so instead of letting the time end and showing it had not succeeded they decided to cancel it instead. They are now looking for investors, sponsors, and may also re open another crowd funding campaign once they have more to show of Neotopia. This awesome idea has not been put behind anyone yet as they are still trying to make it happen. :)

    So keep your eyes peeled on the forums here and on their website for further updates :)
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  5. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    The kickstarter was open for a whole month so it was open for a very long time, and they closed it because it wasn't going to meet its goal at all so they just cancelled it the day before... So now the only way to donate is to buy madmunkies stuff especially the hub :)
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  6. XxguthiX

    XxguthiX Citizen

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    Hey Ghost, if you'd like to donate, you can purchase the neotopia hub apartment on home which is £3.99
  7. GreyNeo

    GreyNeo Neotopia Community Manager Staff Member Administrator

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    Thank you Sky, Steven, Neohelper and Guthi so much for helping to answer Ghost Chaser's question! The community continues to amaze me with their support. =^)

    I just wanted to add to the conversation that -as Neohelper and Guthi pointed out- Ghost Chaser, and anyone really, can still support the project by purchasing our neotopia hub apartment or any of Madmunki's content in PS Home. Not only is the hub apartment a awesome space with a lot of cool surprises, it will help to keep neotopia alive.

    Unfortunately, all content is only available for a short time due to the imminent closing of PS Home in March 2015. Sony will cease selling content on December 3rd, 2014. If you would like to support neotopia now, that is one way you can contribute.

    Thank you for your interest in neotopia! We hope to continue seeing your posts on our forums! =^)
  8. Kusanagi Motoko

    Kusanagi Motoko New In Town

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    More haste, less speed. Make haste slowly.
  9. GOODY_2_SHOES_23

    GOODY_2_SHOES_23 New Member

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    Maybe you could put some content out on the PS4, we could buy it up to help fund neotopia, a game or 2 perhaps? I missed the funding effort, and am sorry for that, I do own the new apartment and the other one and bundle items as well. I would love to help.
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  10. teentekken

    teentekken Mileena Loyalist

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    And I know that there is a plan B now that the KickStarter Campaign has been cancelled.
  11. JasonReso

    JasonReso Resident citizen

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    Just like the saying goes there is always a plan B. And Neotopia will get done. It may just take some time is all. :cool:

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