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What Status Is Neotopia On Now?

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by Un0-0n3unique, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Un0-0n3unique

    Un0-0n3unique Active Member

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    I heard that Neotopia is a failure i know that the pledge didn't go well so what status is Neotopia is on now? is it in development planning like where is Neotopia at? I'm really curious and what are Madmunki doing right now too? I'm very curious
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    Post #8 by GreyNeo, Jan 4, 2015
  3. EndingDemise

    EndingDemise Click My Name to view my Blog!

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    The game is being made as we speak so says Grey Neo in the chat box, but they have limited amount of resources so it will taks time, plus it will most likly be on ps4 bc it wont hurt sony in anyway, since its not in there hands they will only profit from it, neotopia has a future Beileve it
  4. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    The game is still on its way.
    There is no confirm date of release.
    The game is being made slowly VERY SLOWLY.
    Updates come when there's enough update to post.
    The Updates are posted here by UncleSpun himself! http://neotopia.co/community/blogs/unclespun.8/
    The KickStart was a failure, not the game.

    If you have questions ask either GreyNeo or UncleSpun by pming them! :)
  5. JasonReso

    JasonReso Resident citizen

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    Neotopia will be well worth the wait. From the first Q and A sessions and flag event back months ago, and every event up to now, It's clear Dave and staff want it as much as anyone. Neotopia will be the place to be. :cool:
  6. Uniquez_SLB

    Uniquez_SLB Gangsta

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    I hope 2 see Neotopia on PS4, when it done :)
    Go Neotopia ;)
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  7. Sam1knight

    Sam1knight Life in Balence

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    Greetings Uno Maybe I can try to explain from my point of view :)
    There A lot of Factor Uno when making spaces, and Vertual world you have to be very detail in the space like when you look at it up closed there no color or tecture that odd when zoom, also Creativity require patience, like if you were drawing you going and when some says is your drawing finish you said no, because you want to add the most bestest detail you inspire in that moment it when magic of creativity forms, also let say it easter time and you want the space to have all easter stuff they have to intergrade that with the space to make it festive on every season so it a lot to take account just like when on home, so yeah it a lot but we must be patient, for me if someone drawing I leave them alone I don't bother them because if I did they say hey my idea I had is gone, it best to say ok let then draw and a Masterpiece will be created, Passage of time always thank for reading sam :)
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  8. Your_Empress

    Your_Empress Happy and free!

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    Have patience Un0. As you know things change n even though the kickstarter failed, neotopia has not.

    neotopia has brought some of the best people n best ideas through these forums. Many of the ideas here 'will be implemented' in project nebula (or they say so anyway), for example. If they were crap ideas, they wouldn't use them.

    When the ideas on this forum are used on other forums for virtual worlds, that should be pretty telling. n as far as I know, the avatars for neotopia will exceed project nebulas by far. n one thing I know for sure, :joyful: the team n people here that are really loyal to neotopia r the kindest n most creative group of people online in regards to virtual worlds. It will be neotopias greatest asset in the long run. :joyful: The world doesn't need anymore spiteful, deceitful or arrogant people. So thank goodness for the kind, hard-working n honest hearts found here!

    :love: You can not buy or steal those things. They are strengths beyond measure and they are not found in copycats or ordinary business dealings. :love:

    Go neotopia!
  9. GreyNeo

    GreyNeo Neotopia Community Manager Staff Member Administrator

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    Best Answer
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    1. NeoHelper
      Thank you for clearing this up GN!

      NeoHelper, Jan 5, 2015
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