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User-generated Content

Discussion in 'Questions and Support' started by bestscreenname, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. bestscreenname

    bestscreenname Marshmallow

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    What are your thoughts on UGC? The original vision of Home had plans to support UGC but sadly that was scrapped with many of the great promises of Home. I know places like Second LIfe allow this, not sure how or if it is moderated there but I think allowing users to create(with limits and moderation) could be a huge selling point for this project. Any plans for this in the future or will everything be developer created?
  2. neocortex

    neocortex neocortex Administrator Moderator Developer

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    Hi best, this is a very good question and not an easy one to answer at this point, there is always some level of user generated content within virtual worlds but certain aspects do need to be moderated, so that's a bridge we'll have to cross a little later on.
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  3. sorrow-US

    sorrow-US New In Town

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    i think steam make a good job with his "workshop" (and i continue to think netopia should be in greenlight steam^^)!
    just watch oblivion skyrim, garry's mod, L4D,DAYZ! do u realy think theses games continue to generate money without the mods/comunity content?
  4. xDaMoOnMaNx

    xDaMoOnMaNx Mayor Moon

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    It would be great to to have UGC, but sadly you have to worry about those who are negative and want to be immature as well.

    [HR][/HR] [HR][/HR] [HR][/HR] [HR][/HR]

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  5. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    Yea xDaMoOn makes a amazing point...

    You will see alot of people making sexual contents, putting bad stuff that little kids would see.
    Yes they could moderate it, but the damage would already be done, or there will always be a way around the moderation system. :/
  6. Skeletor619

    Skeletor619 Squatter

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    Something like that would certainly need mod approval first. Example: "Your creation is pending approval." So that they aren't being overwhelmed, a limit on how many UGCs would be made per day, a week, and so forth would have to be implemented.
  7. MissSeven

    MissSeven Squatter

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    So many people will be creating random items, but nonetheless many are good at designing things.
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