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The Next Q & A Event

Discussion in 'Socialising & Events' started by interceptor_maxx, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. interceptor_maxx

    interceptor_maxx Mad Max

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    I think the next Q&A event for Neotopia should be someplace other than Spunland. Most of the people who frequent Spunland now know about Neotopia. Do the next one in a high population place where Neo is still unknown....like Acorn Park. People arriving in the park will see the big group of people all gathered in one spot....and naturally gravitate to it if just to see what is going on. This forum and previous events have pretty much covered all the questions that people have. The events now should be geared toward making more people aware.

    Just my 25 cents..... (two cents adjusted for inflation)
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  2. XxguthiX

    XxguthiX Citizen

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    I like ya thinking Max, I totally agree with you
  3. Seminole

    Seminole Resigned

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    I agree with you. The acorn park would be a great place to have it. The event should attract a lot more people who haven't heard of Neotopia.
  4. Tubifex-90

    Tubifex-90 Home Addict ^_^

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    Spunland makes my head go crazy. :/

    Also please choose another time. As there might be interested people from EU here (like me) who can't be online at late night or early morning.
  5. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    I think its a good place because madmunkie made spunland and its only fair to do a Q&A in a place where they made. Unless uncle spun wants to twist the Q&As up and also advertise, but this is just a Q&A event not a event to have that much fun just to ask questions and get answers :(
  6. Haymaker Snoopy-Panda

    Haymaker Snoopy-Panda New In Town

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    Mr. Unknown, well obviously that's the reason why it's in Spunland but they're some weird dudes that like to branch out, soooo why not branch out? I personally think the Hub would be a good place because it's probably the most packed space on Home.

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