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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by NeoHelper, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    Maybe we could have a Introduce yourself subforum area? Would be nice to have people introduce themselves if they want to! :)
    It would be really cool to have members introduce themselves to the site so that we can welcome them easier than looking for the newest members that recently signed up and posting on their wall :)
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  2. dragonwoman52

    dragonwoman52 The Watching Dragon

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    NH that is a great idea sometimes new members kinda get lost in the shoutroom and can't get their questions answered we would be able to help them better if we could do it thaqt way
  3. EndingDemise

    EndingDemise Click My Name to view my Blog!

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    I agree, it would help to find alot of commond ground to make new freinds in Neotopia a little easyr. For example i find Neohelpers intoduction and i read it and see he likes to play UFC On the ps4 and ps3. I might not have no one in my list who plays it. So i will add neo and will have a freind to play.
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  4. Sam1knight

    Sam1knight Life in Balence

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    Neohelper that thing outside of the box cool, I believe eact new member has there own creativity that they bring to the table we got Singer, artist, designer shall I continue, cool post :)
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