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Pop Color - Hue Range + Text Colors

Discussion in 'Languages & Communication' started by Sparx, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. Sparx

    Sparx New In Town

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    PlayStation Home had a decent selection of colors for the chat pop-up, however it simply wasn't enough to be able to just choose from the colors they thought we wanted. Might I suggest giving the community the option to select their text color from a hue range, as well as text color for the pop-up as well. This would allow for a more diverse community, and 10x more customization (customisation);)
  2. Shadow-Runner

    Shadow-Runner Squatter

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    Yes. Exactly. For one...pop up bubbles over the avatar's for texting is a MUST. It's not gonna be pretty, if all text communications are restricted to a chat log, in the corner of the screen. I've played MMO's where I wished so badly for pop up bubbles. FFXIV for example is a great MMO....but it forces people to read a chat log...and that just sucks. Secondly, I agree with Sparx. Give us a hue range to create and select our own custom colors, for pop up bubbles. I always wanted black pop up's with white text, on Home. Would like to see more creative freedom in Neotopia.
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  3. UncleSpun

    UncleSpun Developer Staff Member Administrator Developer

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    Hey @Sparx and @Shadow-Runner, I'm a big fan of pop-up bubbles myself, the chat log can feel a bit too intrusive (although it can also be pretty handy especially for finding something someone said already that you didn't catch - happens to me all the time). On the customization front; we want to provide as many customization options as possible, not just colors, but shortcuts, the way menu's are organized and so on
  4. XxguthiX

    XxguthiX Citizen

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    Yes, that would be awesome!
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  5. Seminole

    Seminole Resigned

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    Great idea of being able to select from various colors and maybe even font styles if it doesn't get too crazy.
  6. JR1

    JR1 Plebian

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    I always wanted a white bubble w/black letters, like in comic books when I was a kid.
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  7. creampuffie

    creampuffie New In Town

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    Yes, yes, a thousand times... YES! I'm all about customization in any shape or form. Who wants to be pigeon-holed into a default set of colors? We all want to be unique, and that's what I hope to see in Neotopia. A virtual world that promotes our individualism and lets us be as unique as our imagination allows.
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  8. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    Yea most colors were good, but they had very little colors for us... Especially colors we didnt even use or want. I hope the customization of every color in the rainbow.. Especially black and white! :D
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  9. Mikasa Elly

    Mikasa Elly New Member

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    Yes that'd be great! I've wondered why they let us choose hue colors for our hair on ps home, but not for chat bubble colors. That'd be great and we could all have something unique. :)
  10. ladybug17

    ladybug17 Member

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    So I guess wingdings is out of the question? lol

    BUT YES!!! I want a color wheel with different levels of hues for everything from hair, clothes, to text color! Even like 3-5 types of fonts would be cool to me. More even better!
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  11. Abiatha

    Abiatha Petrolhead

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    Yes, I must admit the chatbox does have the advantage that I can catch up on the conversation but whatever everyone wants is fine with me.
  12. xDaMoOnMaNx

    xDaMoOnMaNx Mayor Moon

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    This would be a great attribute for the Neotopia Community. The fact that you would be able to make the bubble a certain color as well as the lettering is a phenomenal idea!!! Keep the creativity coming!! #MayorMoon

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