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Neotopia Zombie infested

Discussion in 'General - Off Topic' started by EndingDemise, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. EndingDemise

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    4:46 am EST, Life in neotopia has ceased to be known. Neotopia at this time has become what we call "DEAD HOUR" still waiting and hoping for one resident of Neotopia to be alive, but no sign of life, as minuets pass, i feel as if im the lone survivor of Neotopia. UPDATE: 4:50 am EST. The nights in Neotopia gets longer with still no sign of life, as i have been studying neotopian zombie residents for a few days now, they seem to awaken, in just 3 hours from 5am EST, The one they call Grey Neo, the leader of this zombie horde awakens around 8am EST, and other Zombie Neotopian residents, become human again, following there lead the one called Grey Neo. As iv notice no blood lust come from these Neotopia Zombies, but only love and passion... i dont know if i can stay awake for much longer, without falling into a deep sleep. I can only hope help from another Neotopian human Resident, arrives soon.. as the seconds feel like days and the hours feel like years i fear help will never come. # Neotopian Zombie Survival
  2. NeoHelper

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    haha nice! This made my day sweet imagination... Yea late hours is always when its deadish :)
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  3. Steven1230

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    Hehe Very nice :) Made my imagination run wild on that one lol. Neotopia could do some stuff like this in the distant future once it is up and going.
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  4. Sam1knight

    Sam1knight Life in Balence

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    Don't Worry if it Neotopia they will come :) if not thell be a Letter BRB I see they will come later, but they will come and rock out (guitar noise) oh I broke a lamp XD

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