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Neotopia Translated In Different Language & Volunteer Translator?

Discussion in 'Languages & Communication' started by Un0-0n3unique, Dec 14, 2014.


Could we have a Volunteer Translator or a Developer Translator?

  1. Volunteer

    10 vote(s)
  2. Developer

    2 vote(s)
  1. EndingDemise

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    I dont think as soon as it comes out it may have parts of Eu. Na for sure but i guess will see what happens
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  2. Tubifex-90

    Tubifex-90 Home Addict ^_^

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    Should you ever need help with German translation I'm more than glad to help. :)
  3. Un0-0n3unique

    Un0-0n3unique Active Member

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    Hey everyone just an update from @UncleSpun yesterday at the Spunland Cottage Party Event I talked to him about how Spunland is translated in different language he said that Sony did the job so maybe Sony could contribute with Madmunki for the Neotopia project as some people can troll and mess up translation as long if you give them trust then that fine but Sony is a big company and i think it will be localized faster instead of Volunteer i dunno if translating with Sony cost money but volunteer make no cost at all

    (TBH if an bumping please do not lock this i want you to keep it up and active this is a seriously question for Neotopia)

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