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Loading time...

Discussion in 'Items & Inventory' started by Tubifex-90, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Tubifex-90

    Tubifex-90 Home Addict ^_^

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    Hey you all know the problem if you have a lot of items paid or rewards it takes a long time to load into Home, up to 10+ minutes in worst case...

    So please look into making the loading times as smooth as possible no matter of how many items a user may have.

    I think Home now takes so long to load because the devs, when first creating Home, didn't consider the users to have so many items like we do now. In the beginning we only had a very few items. I remember it was like 300 total reward items in 2009 and now we have 10.000+ !
    So please consider from the beginning that the amount of items may grow very big over the years and we still should have a smooth loading time.
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  2. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    This is a great point out... I think it was annoying to wait 30+minutes just to get into the game and then 20+ for it all to verify... Hopefully it all loads at once, and I think the items of course will all be saved via cloud so that's a bonus... The loading will depend on MadMunkie see what they can do in order for the loading transition to take effect. :)
  3. Steven1230

    Steven1230 Imaginative

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    I think the main issue with Homes load time is the server it is running on. The more processing power the faster something runs. When Home first came out and we started getting items things ran smooth then as time went on and the stupid validation thing came into play it took more time to load each item as the server had to validate each item was real which takes a lot of processing power to do so. Each certificate has to be read and passed. As you stated they did not consider how many items a person would have in the long run which is the fault of the system itself. They did not program it to handle such a load.

    Neotopia can get around this in many ways, some bad and some good. I do not see why they could not make the time faster as it would just mean better coding which I am sure they will do and also constant updating to the interface to help handle the amount of content being stored and handled withing the content browser they are going to make. Optimization is a key feature in this and will take some nimble finger typing to get there.

    As always thou I have faith :)
  4. AlboGodZ

    AlboGodZ Squatter

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    The reason behind the loading time on Playstation Home is because Playstation Home seems to be using a weird filter system. Each time you load up home, it checks each single item for item information wether its purchase, not in your region etc then filters it.

    If you have many items, this proccess will take a long time because it checks each item.

    I don't think this will take much time on PS4, as ps4 is more powerfull than ps3
  5. XxguthiX

    XxguthiX Citizen

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    I'm sure when loading stuff on Neotopia it'll be a lot faster than Home since we'll be using a PS4 to use Neotopia
  6. Bambi-01us

    Bambi-01us New In Town

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    I agree, Steven.

    PYAWAKITT New In Town

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    I totally agree with the OP on this one.
    Also, to add to it, please don't make us wait for a "validation" process. As some of us like to just about buy everything, hence our validation process becomes a horror.
    I feel that if a validation process has to be done, than make it so that it only validates your purchases once, perhaps NEW purchases only? I am not sure how to put it, but it should not have to validate your purchases over and over each time a person loads on.
    Home's validation process took forever for me.
  8. Trigga_Trill24

    Trigga_Trill24 New In Town

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    everybody here has a point....the validation process in order of buying an item(s) takes alot of time you know what i mean ive heard people say it took them about 20 or 25 minutes just for the validation to go through which is really ridiculous so im thinking as a suggestion that when neotopia is made we have a small amount of time between buying and validation time no matter how many furniture, items, clothes and/or free clothes, spaces, and clubhouses that we have stored so it will be a little more smooth and quick
  9. Tranny_Got_Swag

    Tranny_Got_Swag New In Town

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    Tranny has to endure a 10-12 minute wait these days on Home, that ain't swagalicious. Neotopia needs to insure it does not suffer a similar fate.
  10. Sam1knight

    Sam1knight Life in Balence

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    when ur loading u listen to kid rock volume up lol :)

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