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Horse Races (kinda like dolphy races)

Discussion in 'Public & Private Spaces' started by xDaMoOnMaNx, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. xDaMoOnMaNx

    xDaMoOnMaNx Mayor Moon

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    I believe a neat idea would be to have horse races within the topia where we could also earn the currency within the platform. It would also be neat to have the ability to raise your own horse and make him into a champion. Write in the section below your thoughts on this subject. #MayorMoon #MissMe
  2. iNocturnal

    iNocturnal everything is so temporary

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    This idea is so cool I like it haha ! ^^
    Great post and thanks for this post :D
  3. Steven1230

    Steven1230 Imaginative

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    I do indeed like the idea of the horse race being such as the dolphin race was in Home that sadly never got any attention after a couple of updates :\. It would be awesome to raise a horse from a foal to a full grown champion. Having a training arena, food that helps it, and lots of other cool items that i can not think of this moment lol
  4. Oo_sKy_bLuE_oO

    Oo_sKy_bLuE_oO sky

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    Love this idea! I used to really enjoy training and racing my Dolphy in Playstation Home.

    The Dolphy game had so much potential but was abandoned.

    They could have designed so many more kewl skins, accessories, clothing and furniture to sell.

    I actually like the horse concept better. I hope this idea will make it into Neotopia.
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  5. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    I would be giving my horse steroids! :D
    Haha, just messing This is a awesome idea i would love to buy a baby horse and raise em to be a champion and then buy another horse to breed them make a hybrid, and of course over the years the horse you raise before dies and you dont need to purchase another horse you already can buy 2 the max and breed them :D
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