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Hide &Seek & Tag & Freeze Tag

Discussion in 'Public & Private Spaces' started by NeoHelper, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. NeoHelper

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    I think these games would be amazing to have in 1 space where we could create our own games with team mates/friends. The host could choose a pre made arena or we create our own themes/games (Once done it will be deleted to save space or saved via on their ps4s).

    Hide and seek could be really fun and time consuming for us all to be playing.
    Freeze tag will be awesome since the avi will be frozen in a cube of ice til they are touched by the team mates.
    Tag will be fun because once tagged the person tagged is it.

    Then a bonus maybe a game called Hide from the killer.
    It was orignally what we played on COD as jason game.

    Where the person who is it will have a knife to kill the other players once theres only 1 person thats when killing jason off is allowed. It was VERY fun everyone loved it.
    we used our surroundings to hide until the team mates are dead if jason found u, u had to run from him lol. :)
    pretty gruesome yet it was VERY fun and this would be allowed so why not :p

    Hope you enjoy the idea(s)! :D

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