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Discussion in 'Moderation & Restrictions' started by Shadow-Runner, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Shadow-Runner

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    It's been a while since I was last on this site. Clearly, I've missed a lot. I shall have to catch up on everything that's been going on.

    In the meantime, I have a question regarding the Neotopia forum rules. Specifically, BLACKLISTING.
    I have read the forum rules. All of them. Word for word....and I have not seen one single mention, of Blacklisting another user.

    I was recently banned from the official PlayStation Home forums, for blacklisting (specifically using the PSN ID name, of another user) and exposing a known IP Booter. This is why I've always hated the Home forums, because of their TOS and forum rules. All too often, do they protect and shield cyber criminals, hackers, modders and various other rats, who choose to ruin the overall enjoyment and experience of their fellow community members and users.

    When Neotopia's platform has been established and finalized...and we near a beta or eventual playable environment...and I should happen to encounter someone using IP Booting...not only will I bring it to the staff's attention, not only will I take screenshots and bring proof...but I fully intend to drag their name (PSN ID) before the entire community, in full exposure for what he/she is. I firmly believe, that the community...our brothers and sisters...have every right to know WHO they need to be on the lookout for...and who to avoid.

    If our wonderful staff, should happen to forsee this as a future problem...perhaps the forum rules need to be updated to specifically add blacklisting, against the rules. That being said...I strongly advise against it. It doesnt work, on the Home forums....and it wont work here, either.

    Thank you.

  2. crimsoncadavre

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    it would be more adequate just to have a report system. think about it, if someone has a vendetta against someone else, who hasn't done anything, They could use that to slander their name.It's just not very productive. I get having proof but its smarter just to report it to proper authorities. it's also safer. If this were back in the lizard squad attacks, if you tried to point someone out they just messed up your internet. it's smarter just to set a group of rules or restrictions in place.to hopefully deter some of those elements. And not only that, it causes drama. Nobody wants that anywhere near neotopia (as far as I know) I get what your saying, but it's just counter productive.
  3. EndingDemise

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    Will your ip booter is known as a DDOSSer, which... cant be tracked just because you put there name in the forums dosent mean they can get caught a DDOSS Attack is untracable and hard to defend against bc there using there conputer, so there would be no reason except to warn the community of this user, but as far as getting them banned will nevee happen bc u cant get proof unless you have there pc :/
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