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Danceclub Space That Play Today Music Using Music Umlimited Promotion

Discussion in 'Public & Private Spaces' started by Un0-0n3unique, Jan 17, 2015.


Could We Get Today Music Played On Home?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Un0-0n3unique

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    It would be nice if today music are played in Neotopia some artist promote there song on Music Unlimited it would be nice if Madmunki get licence to play it on Neotopia before there was a thread something similar to this but I can't find it people said it against copyright lawsuit but the thing is what about David Guetta space how did he get hes music played on home without Copyright Lawsuit it basically they ask permission so if only Neotopia can do that or Sony since Sony responsible for publishing Also lot of people get there music promoted via Playstation Store in Japan (Not Sure About North America since I see no video in the store)

    Here Are Some Example that are shown on the Playstation Store

    So yeah I don't really get it as a problem as long if they have written permission and licence then play it i mean other music in different country aren't blocked but don't get played in the radio station
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