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Neotopia Suggestion Customise our rewards.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by EndingDemise, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. EndingDemise

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    Heres a new suggestion. This typical suggestion will add in more creativity into the game. My suggestion is. When we recieve a reward give us a option to customize that reward. Like changing the color shape or size of it. ofcourse there will be limits with items on size shape and color. Maybe i want my new chair smaller or bigger. Maybe i want my neotopia fan shirt white instead of pink. This overall increase in neotopia in succeeding over home even more.
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  2. NeoHelper

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    would be really awesome to have that option, but how bout letting us use more than 1hat,shirt, pants, acceories... Having the option to only use 1 item is horrible I had really good combinations. Also I hope some hats dont make us go bald and ruin the hair we have on... Pshome had alot of flaws that I hope this idea you gave gets added and such :) thank you for your awesome ideas! :)
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