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criminal activities

Discussion in 'Avatars & Interactions' started by crimsoncadavre, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. crimsoncadavre

    crimsoncadavre undead ecstasy

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    I think it would be excellent to have crime as a thing in neotopia, as well as a justice system. Many people I've seen want neotopia to be rather sandbox esc. So for example someone could steal a car if it's unlocked, then they would either have an APB sent out to officers or maybe even a bounty system. If it ended up where there were guns I think something similar to mass effect ( no blood slightly cartoony )would work. This has worked for years on grand theft auto San Andreas and arma roleplaying servers. Ive already heard people brainstorming about a jail for hackers, why not repurpose that idea into a big prison where they send criminals for short amount of time (a day to a week). I'd like your opinions or additions in the comments please.
    C.C out
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  2. kazumi-Poesje Matsumoto

    kazumi-Poesje Matsumoto Well-Known Member

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    My optinon is there are enough games with this kind of action. And Neotopia shall be like in home. I don't like violence games:)
  3. Uniquez_SLB

    Uniquez_SLB Gangsta

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    Neotopia should be a peacefull place just like home ;)
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  4. Steven1230

    Steven1230 Imaginative

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    I don't see this as something that would be a thing as people would abuse it as they do in other games. but nice idea thou :).
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  5. JasonReso

    JasonReso Resident citizen

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    If I want to play GTA I can always do that. I agree SLB. Neotopia should be more like Home than any video game. :cool:
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  6. Arwen

    Arwen Resident

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    There are many games of that type to buy, so I personally wouldn't want that in Neotopia.
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  7. Oo_sKy_bLuE_oO

    Oo_sKy_bLuE_oO sky

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    Personally, I would like to see Neotopia fun for all ages. GTA and the like are for adults. I enjoy a blasting good time in GTA like many others but I would like Neotopia to be a place where I can interact with my nieces and younger members of my family that live far from me. Wholesome good fun just like Lucky Charms :rofl: :thumbsup: When I want to jack a car I pop in my GTA disk, giggles.:lol:
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  8. Abiatha

    Abiatha Petrolhead

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    I can only agree with everyone's comments here. Whilst I think it is an interesting idea, I hope that neotopia will be a peaceful community place. I want to get away from all the violence in the world, not be reminded of it, and as others have said, there are plenty of games out there which feature criminal activity. Also, what you describe CC does sound more like a game rather than a virtual world. I think there is a big difference there. Home had games within it but in itself it wasn't a game. For example, if I had a nice home on neotopia with a sportscar in the garage and someone broke in and wrecked my home or stole my car (like could happen in real life), I would probably feel similar feelings to if this happened in real life. So it wouldn't be a game, it would be more like reality. It might seem like a game to the perpetrator but to me it would feel like an attack. Also, I don't really like the jail idea. If someone does something against the community, it should be handled in other ways, rather than virtual incarceration. I really do not want this sort of thing to happen in neotopia, I would like peace and friendship and good times for all. I hope this makes sense CC!

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