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A possible E3 Event Space..

Discussion in 'Public & Private Spaces' started by Darwin Merlotte, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. Darwin Merlotte

    Darwin Merlotte New In Town

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    A cool public space to have in Neotopia would be a E3 Booth similar to the previous E3 Events on pshome but of course (Neotopia style).The space could have a range of minigames-voted on by the community maybe and offer exclusive rewards such as wallpaper themes and profile avatars as well as exclusive in game content once all the minigames are complete. Maybe once the E3 event finished the rewards continue to stay available prior to the following year E3 Event!
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  2. Seminole

    Seminole Resigned

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    That sounds like a great idea :)
  3. XxguthiX

    XxguthiX Citizen

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    I'd like this also, I love collecting rare rewards.
  4. NeoHelper

    NeoHelper Neotopia Guru

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    It would be awesome to have a E3 booth for Neotopia, but I think maybe they should focus on getting money more cause this is a great way to get more known, but Neotopia is well known already so maybe work on gaining both money (mostly) and more gaining more trust and be known. :)

    Great idea btw! :D
  5. Steven1230

    Steven1230 Imaginative

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    An E3 space would be outstanding to have in Neotopia as it was a big big hit with Home and it could be even bigger and better than before. E3 next year is going to be amazing and experiencing it both live and virtual will be outstanding.

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