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Little more detail on the face.

    • Sam1knight
      This one has a bit more detail I see on the left side, the face is forming, the hard part I think will be the Eyes u know the lips might take some time but my vote is the eyes will need a lot of dots and the ears, but I see it coming along congradulations :)
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      Oh and I also give this a 5 sorry it didn't post on my first comment :)
    • Seminole
      Good job Steven it looks good
    • NeoHelper
      Looks outstandingly sexy if i do say so myself! :pompus:
      All I can say is WOW!
      Question though ...... will we be able to create more than one avatar look and save it like we could on Home?
      Just asking because I liked to create different faces based on old movie stars from the 40's and 50's.
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      If only we can adjust our face sculpture just like PlayStation home like adjust Jaw Cheek etc that would be nice so that way I don't has to stick with the default face cause the default face probably aren't going to match my style people have different taste and race as you notice in this picture different type of race has different shape so I hope you make other races face beside Caucasian shape cause not everyone in this world is Caucasian :p [​IMG]
    • Steven1230
      @PYAWAKITT I am sure they are going to have a feature to modify your avatars in any way you want just like home had but better. This is just me learning to use the Unreal engine 4 and modeling stuff for it. :) Thank you for liking my work as well. :D Makes me feel like I am improving since this is my first time modeling a face. lol
    • Sam1knight
      Greetings Steven your doing an Epic Job, and I know it not easy, as your showing us The Community Appreciate the hard work you do and showing us that the Engine 4 is something that not easy to use but Uno always help and he good at all the cultures out there:) but take it one step make a model and them try to get to walk I know that 5 step ahead but never give up on great thing that can be achieve:) but take your time as I say inspiration will take over and you achieve a masterpiece one day :) thank for reading sam :)

      let hope it fit in DVD I want a copy of this video:)
    • Abiatha
      That was an awesome post Un0 and very valid points you raised about facial shape and structure relating to different race. I always thought the choices on Home were a bit limited and very caucasian-centric. Thank you for raising this and for posting all the face examples!
    • GreyNeo
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