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  1. Honestly,

    Neotopia's site is one of the best and i'm glad to be a part of this community even if MadMunkid is facing alot of trouble, but the best thing to do is to keep our heads up high and help Madmunkid thebest we can by supporting them til the end... Anyways my observation through these months on this site was it started from not that known, and it quickly got known... More than Nebula!

    I think Neotopia will succeed and i'll be one of those un-dying fans finding where the devs live and stalking and taking their trash! haha, just joking (hides used napkins)... Anyways, I think overall these improvements to the site has helped Neotopia by its looks! and now we just need to donate as much as possible :)

    Well that's all for now feel free to leave your opinions down in the comments!
    Have an awesome week neotopians! :pompus: