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  1. Everyone has their reasons for supporting Neotopia and of course, the primary one being, to make a virtual world to fill the gap that Home's closure will create on the Playstation platform. I also share this reason, but I have another one that is almost as important. It's fun. Naturally I hope MadMunki succeeds, but even if they don't I am enjoying the time I spend here. Isn't that what it's all about? Having fun? You don't have to always win to enjoy playing the game. Being part of something sometimes is enough.

    The developers intentions have always been honest ones even if they made missteps, which they freely admit to. From the start they have had to contend with charges of hoax, scam, incompetence, etc. Charges with no basis in fact. Charges with no basis in logic. Purely emotional outbursts based only in the accusers' feelings of entitlement and bloated self-worth that somehow they are being harmed or offended by the endeavor, or how dare anyone do anything without consulting them first. Vandals hoping to spray paint a piece of graffiti on someone else's property. Throughout, MadMunki has dealt with it professionally and with a level of tolerance I certainly don't have...as evidenced by some of my past posts and this very blog.

    When I look at what MadMunki has accomplished so far, I don't see the failed kickstarter or the not yet finding a sponsor. I see a community that I am sure is the envy of all the other developers. A vibrant and active forum now over 600 strong and a major presence inside Home itself with the LMOs and a personal space. I wish all the devs the best of luck, but don't tell me they wouldn't want what MadMunki has built here. Not just as initial backers, but also as future customers. If another dev builds a virtual world before MadMunki, I am sure they will be looking to Neotopia as a sub-world inside their core universe. What I am saying is this: Even if Neotopia does not get made in the current vision of the devs, as a core virtual world, it would certainly have a place as a third-party dev in someone else's.

    So Neotopians.....have fun. Enjoy the process as much as the result. :)

    For the haters I have this....