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Thoughts in a Winter’s Storm

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As I walk in the winter storm no other in sight alone in my thoughts the air crisp and clear with snow falling thick around me

I pass by the house of wonder to me it’s just a plane brown cape wreathed by time and the salt air not really that old just maybe 50 years or so

Standing there as I have so many times just looking at it as the snow fills the trees and piles high on the ground

In the front just to the left and another at the right corner close to the house is 2 tall pine trees ones that have been there for far longer than the house

There is another one in the yard by a long drive at the end of the drive is a very, very old grey garage all battered by time and New England cost weather

I stand as I have before my thoughts flow like water in a slow moving river most of it about the house and I have to wonder about it

You can see in the window a neat well-kept house but also a slice in time never changing never growing old or shabby

Yet for all that no one has ever been seen or heard the yard always well-kept yet by who’s hands take care of all this

My thoughts go faster no one takes much notes of this house it is as if by magic it came to be too new to have the trees to have grown so close and large around it

No other person even thinks it strange that no human is around nor do they wonder about how it came to be

Now I turn to walk away and I think I see a form in the window watching me yet looking again no one there

My thoughts turn to the magic of the snow in the now failing light and watch as the wind blows it to and fro and think now time for home and my own magic with in
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