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The Story Continues...

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Hey folks, hope you all had a grand week - I said I'd try to update you weekly on what I'm up to, so here goes. First off apologies for not making it to neoflag flying on thursday, I trust you all had fun despite the appearance of an objectionable historical character! I will definitely make it along thursday coming for the EU event.

Work on actually building neotopia itself went very slowly this week for a number of reasons, key among them being that I took a trip up to Nottingham (of Sheriff of and Robin Hood fame) on Thursday (hence why no NeotopiaDave at flag flying) which although instigated by the contract work I am doing, afforded me the opportunity of meeting up with Michael from Jam Games - which I'm pleased to say may well prove to be much more significant for realizing neotopia than the two days of work I missed :) That's the first time that madmunki and Jam Games got to meet face to face and it was a productive meeting. I even got to sample a number of great pubs in the town thanks to Michael. We'll let you know more details of exactly how we are going to collaborate once we have them, but for now know that we are committed to forging a way forwards with neotopia :)

As I say the trip to Nottingham was instigated by the contract work I'm doing for Pixelhero; they are working on an Action RPG for Games Workshop, based on their Eisenhorn books set in the Warhammer 40k Universe. Games Workshop kindly invited Pixelhero up to their HQ where their games and miniatures are designed. It was a bit of a childhood dream come true for me, and I really wasn't prepared for how big the place is, or how deeply immersed it is in their fiction - from the life sized 40k tank in the car park to the huge Space Marine statue out front, the two headed eagles everywhere and then having a beer in 'Bugman's Bar' (replete with Ork heads on the walls!). I grew up playing paper & pencil RPGs, I still have a 1st edition box set of Warhammer (somewhere in my parents' basement), and I must have spent countless hours pouring over the engimatic art of John Blanche - who we had the spectacular honor of meeting of Friday. We also got to meet Jez Goodwin - the artist who designed many of their figures including the iconic Space Marine, to get to chat with him about the inspiration behind his designs left me and Neil from Pixelhero buzzing like hyperactive kids.

A round up of this week would not be complete without mention of the final day of shopping in PlayStation Home. On Wednesday the shops shut, truly marking the sad beginning of the end of Home. I am determined to enjoy as much of the final four months as possible, as I hope are all of you, so on tuesday i charged up my PSN account and went on a shopping spree. Much of what I bought I know you all will have had for a long time (I finally got Juggernaut's awesome Essence of the 7 Winds!), and I'm very grateful to those who educated me in what to get. My final Purchase was the beautiful City by the Bay Loft "Window to the World" apartment by the ever impressive Granzella. It would be great to see a list of everyone's final purchases, I wonder what that would tell us?

This week also saw Atom announce their contribution to Virtual worlds for the PS4; Atom Universe. It must be heartening to see that another developer is committing to bringing a virtual world to PS4, if only we could all pool resources somehow! We were particularly pleased to see that Atom is also employing Unreal Engine 4, so we should expect a world of high visual quality. We wish Atom all the best :)

Before signing off I'd like to say a few words about these here forums. Until we can all meet up and hang out in neotopia then these forums really are neotopia. I love getting to chat to folks in the shoutbox and browse the various forum threads when I get the chance, and am ever indebted to all of those who work to keep this running smoothly, from Admin and the Mods (great band name, no?) to our dedicated CM. Occasionally things get a little heated, as they did at one point this week, and things get said which probably shouldn't, but this is a side effect of caring passionately about something - which is to say it is the side effect of a good thing. Lets all (myself included!) try real hard to play nice!

Ok 'nuff for now, see youz in the shoutbox or flying the neoflag in Home!

Big Love,

Dave :)
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