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The Kyouryuu Zaurus Empire

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And now for something completely different... I posted this on a Home related Facebook group that I help admin a few days ago but thought my fellow Neotopians might be interested in this as well. Only two of these videos can be found on Granzella's YouTube page. The others were quite difficult to locate except for the final video whose address I already had saved.

Here's a bit of interesting Home history which turned out not to be related to Home at all... or was it...? On April 1st, 2014, Granzella released a series of videos depicting dinosaurs running amuck around Japan. At the time, there was some speculation that this was a lead in to some kind of Invasion by the Kikai Machine Empire type event because Granzella Defense Force members appeared in some of the videos. This culminated in a nearly 8 min long video showing the final battle against The Kyouryuu Zaurus Empire.

The only problem was that these were released on April Fool's Day. Turns out this wasn't directly related to Home at all, just an April Fool's thing that Granzella likes to do but also probably had to do with a dinosaur camera app they were releasing (app info posted on the Home forum by our very own @GreyNeo). Here are the videos if you've never seen them (with a rough translation of what each is about).

Success in the photographing of a carnivorous dinosaur that should have been extinct in Tokyo Shinagawa Station:

Brachiosaurus sighted in Ishikawa Prefecture Harbor, disappear without a trace:

The emergence of more than 50 dinosaurs in Nagoya underground shopping center:

Savior arrives? Mysterious forces repel dinosaurs in various regions:

And the final decisive battle of the Zaurus dinosaur empire:

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Kikai Emperor during the credits.
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