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Neotopia Soccer club.

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A soccer team compromises of 11 players.
The fomation I have chosen is 3-5-2 (3 Defence, 5 midfield (2 wide, 3 centre), 2 forward)
On with the team!

Goalkeeper- Goalkeeper_Matt

Ability-"Flight Dive" Refrence - Wings on avatar picture
My ability to use my wings to fly across the goal at speed should assure a low number of goals conceded within matches can prove pivitoal within any team!

Defender 1 - @Arwen
Ability - "Video Perfect Tackle" Refrence - You made alot of great videos
This ability will allow Arwen to retrieve the soccer ball from the opposition and the referee will never give a free kick to the opposition. Perfect for any defence!

Defender 2 - @GreyNeo
Abillity - "Pincher Tackle" Refrence - Using the word pinch alot.
The ability to defend and pinch at the same time makes this effective against opposition attackers however probaqbly best to do it when the referee is not looking!

Defender 3 - @JamCar0ne
Abillity "Remix Tackle" Refrence - Informed of Plug.Dj re-opening
Take the soccer ball away from the opposition while dancing to a remix. An epic combination and who knows it might go viral on the internet!

Wide Midfielder 1 - @Uniquez_SLB
Abillity "Soaring Eagle Run" Refrence - Eagle on SL Benfica badge.
Run past the opposition with the freedom of an eagle! With the speed this move will cause, it will be very hard for any opponent to keep up with you!

Wide Midfielder 2 - @Sam1knight
Ability "Knight's Charge" Refrence - Knight in account name
Drink your cofffee and burst onto the pitch! With the speed, power and endurance of a knight, it will be very hard for anyone to stop you!

Centre Midfielder 1 - @UncleSpun (Team Captain!)
Ability "Spun Flow" Refrence - He is full of Spun!
This move will not only grant UncleSpun all the Spun soccer abbilities, it will also give all team mates a burst of spun for a while!

Centre Midfielder 2 - @Ren_Echo
Ability "Echoed Pass" Refrence - Echo in account name
This move is useful as if a pass is appearing to not reach its original target, iit may echo and still arrive there via the air skimming method. Difficult to pull off mind!

Centre Midfielder 3 - @NeoHelper
Ability "Central Assistance" Refrence- Always Helping
This ability gives himself a performance boost everytime he passes to a team mate. Depending on whom will boost something differant, making him a dynamic player!

Forward 1 - @Tara(dx)
Abillity "Spun Shot" Refrence - Also full of Spun!
The abillity to shoot with Spun will decieve alot of goalkeepers and as such a lot of goals will be scored by this method, As the spun flows....into the net!

Forward 2 - @dragonwoman52
Ability "Shadowed Shot" Refrence Dragon's shadows
This ability will make it very hard for opposing goalkeepers to save as the shadows engulff the soccer ball making it hard to see it and thus save it, many goals will be scored this way too!
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