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My First Blog Entry

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Seems people are posting a variety of items on their blogs so I thought this might me a good home for my Spunland Mansion story when I finish it. However, I think a little background on how that story will come about would be a good lead in.

After the Home closure announcement, many of the Home forum regulars stopped posting there. I don't know if they were lurking or just left but we were left with an influx of "bring Home to PS4", "I want a refund", and "save Home" posts. This got tiresome after awhile so I figured I'd remind people that things were still going on in Home, even in its last days. I started with the attack going on in nDreams' Aurora space.

For weeks nDreams had been hinting that something was going to happen in Aurora and had updated the space with enemy ships flying around the island. On Christmas Eve, Aurora was updated showing the aftermath of a major assault with the threat of another attack imminent. I posted about this here: http://community.us.playstation.com...VED/Breaking-News-Aurora-Attack/td-p/44838938. The idea was to write it as a reporter interviewing residents about what was going on with photos, etc. PSN was undergoing a DDoS attack around that time so the report was a few days late. I had planned to do additional posts but didn't want to bump the thread until something of significance happened. Unfortunately, things resolved themselves a few weeks later when the space was updated so those additional news reports didn't happen. However, while the attack on Aurora was going on, things started changing in Spunland.

It all started with Dave’s (aka Unclespun’s) January blog, The Final Spun Update?http://spunland.blogspot.co.uk/2015_01_01_archive.html and the appearance of the Unspun Worms in Spunland. I posted about this here (under the original title Breaking News: The End of Spunland?): http://community.us.playstation.com...aved-Spunland-Fades-Acorn-Razed/td-p/44885560. The idea this time was that our unnamed reporter received a copy of the letter mentioned in the Spunland Blog from an anonymous source. This post ended up getting mentioned and linked to on the Spunland Facebook page.

At the time I didn’t know what the Unspun Worms were up to until after the next Spun Crown Coronation where Unclespun mentioned they were dissipating Spun Clouds. I mentioned to him I was going to try to interview a Constructo Spunner and with some encouragement from him it became the next news report (using the same thread but changing the title to Breaking News: Unspun Worms Disrupt Spun Cycle). This was the first time the name of the news agency was mentioned (End Time News aka ETN). This post got mentioned and linked to in the February Spunland Blog, Of Imps and End Days http://spunland.blogspot.co.uk/2015_02_01_archive.html.

The interview didn’t come out quite as well as I would have liked as it seemed more appropriate for Robo or maybe Lumino. So, why did I use Constructo? Well, I’m employed as an engineer and wear a hard hat on occasion so I have a certain fondness for Constructo. To resolve this, I hinted that there was more to this spunner than was apparent in the next news report described below. Was he actually the Architect? One of the Spun Engineers? Perhaps he was an emissary of the Spun Queen. I don’t actually know... yet.

In the next Spunland update, the color was seen to be fading out of Spunland. The following week, JamCar0ne and lilmonstersmiler mentioned to me that the mountains around Spunland were shrinking. I hadn’t noticed because I was in Secret Spunland at the time. The news report this time covered the end of the attack in Aurora, the latest goings on in Spunland, the mystery of the Constructo Spunner, and some Acorn Park news (again using the same thread but changing the title to Aurora Saved, Spunland Fades, Acorn Razed). ETN got another mention in the March Spunland Blog, The Unspun Tyranny of Time http://spunland.blogspot.co.uk/2015_03_01_archive.html.

There should have been one last report covering the return of Spun to Spunland but at the end of the last report, the unnamed reporter and his cameraman traveled to Spunland Mansion to try and interview Unclespun or one of the Dukes of Spun but found the place abandoned. They descended below but got scared off by what sounded like the Spun Hopper. Once again Unclespun encouraged me to write about additional adventures under Spunland Mansion. This time, I decided to do an actual story of sorts but it turned out to be too ambitious for the amount of time I had left before Home’s closure so the last report never happened. Hopefully that story will end up here at some point.
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