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Harper Discovers The Collective [Side-Blog] [Part 1 out of 2]

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For origins of things, see the *.
Made as Harpers tribulation is proving challenging

A long day made Harper truly exhausted. He knew that his work ethic was alarming his health, so he needed to take a long rest. Awakened by a loud celebration, and in an unfamiliar place, he felt unsettled but was not necessarily nervous knowing he had been through this before. Feeling he did not want to interrupt within the celebrations, he went to the big place that read ‘Registration Office.’ Knowing that would be the most logical thing to do within the circumstances

He walked in confidently, but there was no-one there, he waited, and waited. When he was just about to leave someone else showed up. Not a registration officer, but a long lost friend. They gave each other a massive hug and started discussing the things they were doing with in their 6 year separation. Surprisingly, they had both been taking on a similar challenge and they both believed it was in their fate line to reunite in such a place.

Eventually, an officer came and the two were fully registered into ‘The collective unison of hardworking Harpers* and Harpies.*’ This was the only place were he’d be allowed to say his real name. Not the name, Harper, that he was told to say if he had ever entered another realm but instead allowed to say his real name ‘Grempeck’** Now, he would rest in his newly appointed dormitory, little knowing what tomorrow would bring.

He would be representing the ‘West’ of the four regions in a series of events and challenges to determine which region is the most successful. Due to his past experience as a runner, he’d attempt to be a left sided sprinter for the ‘Thrasher ball’*** tournament. Of course, he’d have to hone his skills again, but he was immediately added to the team - but the coach said he was not guaranteed a place in the team - he’d have to prove himself for that.

After, a few training sessions, it was game time against the South. The best score over two games home and away, would face the winners of North vs. the East. He did not start the game and after only 13 minutes the west were down 1 to 0, and that was the half time score. Grempeck was brought on but playing out of position in the left sided enforced blocker. Despite this he’d battle on. Then at the start of the second half it was 2-0, a bottom corner shot deceiving the west non-enforcer guard

The west team kept fighting and 15 minutes in to the second half they scored through the right sided sprinter, he sprinted on the edge of the box and smacked a top corner goal and it was 2-1. The south’s defence was living on the edge, the West riving forward for the equaliser and got deep into the dying embers, from their other sprinter with a fabulous curved effort . It finished 2-2 and what an important game the next game was.

It was very relaxed for the following few days. Just doing the simple jobs that everyone done, make time worthwhile and keep everyone within unison. Grempeck was never stressed, perhaps more relaxed than he had ever been before in his life. He and his best friend finally got their long wish from when they were separated, everything was going to plan. Never would he have wished for such a peaceful utopia. Then when game day arrived, he was raring to go.

However, just as the preparations were beginning for the start of the second game, klaxons were sounded, and everyone rushed to the port. Grempeck followed as fast as he possibly could, The collective was being raided, by the Harpers and Harpies oldest foes. They would rush to their designated stations. The quadrants captain was deep in thought on how to prevent the problem and if not prevent it, to reduce it as much as possible before the collective gets damaged.

* Harpie originates from the blend of a bird and a human, but I think Harper sounds better for a male.
** A name I made up, that uses all letters of my initials somewhere within it
*** A game me an my friends made which blends basketball, football and rugby
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