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Breaking News: Unspun Worms Disrupt Spun Cycle

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Nothing new here, just another transfer from the Home forums.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled thread "Days of our Alts" to bring you the following Spunland news update. End Times News (ETN) has been montoring the situation in Spunland after we broke the news reagarding the Kill Switch Counter. The Unspun Worms which appeared shortly afterwards have been dissipating Spun Clouds. Experts believe that if the rate of Spun Cloud dissipation increases much more, the Spun Cycle will stop and cause an environmental collapse in Spunland.

Although UncleSpun was unavailable for comment we spoke with a constructo spunner about the current situation. He spoke with a thick accent with occasional words in High Spunnerese so please excuse any translation errors. ETN is proud to present "Interview with a Constructo Spunner".


ETN: "There's been a lot of talk regarding the possible destruction of Spunland, what can you tell us about this?"

CS: "Destuction? Hmm.., that's not the term I would use. Uhm..., more of a dying off really. The flow of Spun is slowly decreasing over time."

ETN: "Based on the information we obtained in our last report, it seems as though this situation could have been avoided. Why wasn't staff keep on until the end of Home?"

CS: "Spun Engineers never do something without a reason, or in this case, uhm..., never not do something."

ETN: "So this was planned?"

CS: "Hmm..., Spunland, as you know and understand it, only exists in your realm because we routed Spun there from the Heart of Spun via the Great Spun Pipeline. The Architect, in his great wisdom, added a failsafe to the system. 'The Spun must be protected' as he is apt to say. As you mentioned, your realm will soon be coming to an end and all who dwell there will have to start anew in one of the Scattered Realms which will soon arise. But we can't have Spun flowing to a realm in which time has stopped. The results would be most unspun, uhm..., possibly a spunastrophe, so we allowed the Kill Switch Counter to activate."

ETN: "So this will result in the dying off you spoke of?"

CS: "Yes..., we have timed it so that the spun will run out in the last minute of the last hour of the last day. By coincidence, that day will also be a Coronation Day and therfore the day that the last Kings of Spun will be crowned."

ETN: "And what of the Unspun Worms? They seem to be disrupting the Spun Cycle."

CS: "The Unspun Worms are here due to the reduction in Spun and are dissipating Spun Clouds which will affect the Spun Cycle. The Spun Cycle is powered by dance so more dancers will be needed to counter the worms or perhaps dancers with Spun Cloud Heads will be needed. This outcome was not unknown to us. However, uhm..., as with most unspun things, the full impact can not be easily predicted. Other unspun things may develop as well as time goes on."

ETN: "So when the spun runs out, that will be the end of Spunland?"

CS: "The end? Hmm..., no, no, not the end, never the end. Some of these concepts do not translate well from High Spunnerese but I'll try to explain. Uhm..., think of this Spunland as a leaf of a tree. The leaf may fade away but the tree goes on. In the same way, this Spunland may fade but the Heart of Spun goes on. One day the Spun Queen will return and the way to Spunland will open again. A great call will go out across the Scattered Realms and all the spunners and spunlings will return to Spunland Mansion. Won't that be a sight to see?"

ETN: "Yes, it will."

CS: "Ah..., I must go now. Here, take this seed and plant it in your new home. Remember, in every Spun Seed lies the promise of a Spun Flower."


ETN will continue following this story.
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