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Breaking News: Aurora Attack

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Nothing new here, just transferring some posts from the Playstation Home forum.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled threads of "Bring Home to PS4" and "I wan't a refund!" to bring you the following breaking news. NOTE: Due to recent issues with PSN, this report is coming to you several days late.

12/24/2014 Breaking News: Reports have been coming in all day via PM regarding an attack on the main islands of Aurora early this morning. Fires are said to be raging unchecked on the main island as well as nearby islands. There have been Unconfirmed reports that a flock of unicorns were fired upon and at least one downed unicorn has been found, presumably dead. It is feared that this is a precursor to a major assault to take control of Aurora.

We spoke to a few witnesses.

Random dude: "Yeah, I heard the warnings but I wasn't too concerned. Ships have been attacking the outer islands for years now but they never came this close before, 'cept that time that Twitter crashed on the main island. Anyways, I was getting some coffee at the Landshark Cafe when a ship passed right overhead. Next thing I know there was an explosion over at the tree house. I grabbed my coffee and high tailed it out of there."

Random girl: "Those mean ships scared the unicorns away! I really like unicorns, did I mention that? 'Cause I really do. I heard they shot some unicorns down. You don't think that really happened do you?"

For several weeks now, enemy aircraft have been doing flybys of the island and authorities have been warning that an attack was eminent. We spoke to some senior officials regarding Aurora's ability to fend off an attack as well as if the notorious EFD is involved. Full details regarding the attack was not discussed but they had this to say. "Aurora is well prepared to defend itself against these aggressors but we need everyone to continue to collect orb energy. We have no evidence that the cyber criminal known as EatFlamingDeath is involved. However, we are asking all citizens to report any suspicious behavior."

Although Aurora authorities are confident in their defensive capabilities, we heard from an anonymous source that things may be as good as we are lead to believe. "A few weeks ago, Advanced Tactical Amunition and Cannon Coolant became unavilable. Citizens who have already upgraded their weapons will be all right but everyone else will have to make do with what they have."

The following pictures were taken at the scene. Please be advised that they may not be appropriate for sensitive viewers but we're going to show them to you anyway. We will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.








Random unicorn loving girl: "Uhm, he'll get better, right?"
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