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Aurora Saved, Spunland Fades, Acorn Razed

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Nothing new here, just another transfer from the Home forums.

End Times News: Bringing you all the latest news from the end of days, a few days late.



As widely reported elsewhere, the attack on Aurora has been repulsed. Somehow, inexplicably, the collection of orb energy has somehow thwarted the attacker's plans and all enemy vessels have left Aurora airspace. Flocks of unicorns have returned to the skies and the downed unicorn has made a full recovery. We got some reactions from the locals:

Coffee Drinking Dude: "Yeah man! I am psyched! The Landshark Cafe is back open. I haven't had a decent cup 'o joe in weeks."

Unicorn Loving Girl: "Yayz! The unicorns are back! Yayz!



Following up on our story on the situation in Spunland, the Kill Switch Counter has dropped below 50%. Last week the color began to fade out of Spunland. We spoke to a local resident who had this to say:

Ren Echo: "I took the portal from my cottage and when I showed up in Spunland I was totally disoriented. Was this Super Secret Spunnland? Secreter Spunland? I didn't know what was going on. It was like someone sprayed the whole place down with bleach."

This week, it was noted that the mountains surrounding Spunland seem to be growing shorter. Compare this photo with pics taken just two weeks ago.




In our last Spunland report, we interviewed a constructo spunner who gave us some insight into recent developments. Given the intimate knowledge this constructo spunner possessed of the inner workings of Spunland, some have speculated that there was more to this spunner than was apparent. Some have even said that this spunner was an emissary of the missing Spun Queen but this seems to be just wishful thinking. In any case, during the interview, he mentioned that additional unspun things may develop in Spunland and this seems to be the case. Unfortunately, he could not be located to answer any additional questions.

My camera man and I then traveled to Spunland Mansion to see if UncleSpun or perhaps the Angry, Happy, or Skeptical Duke of Spun could shed some light on things but we found it totally abandoned. Venturing inside, we found our way down to the lower levels. There, we found a maze of corridors, rooms, pipes, and machinery. An ominous hop, hop, hop could be heard echoing through the pipework. My camera man reminded me that we were not prepared for an encounter with the Spun Hopper or an Unspun Worm and we made a hasty retreat until such time that a larger and better equipped team can be formed.


The beloved Acorn Meadows Park seems to now be unreachable. All attempts to travel there have resulted in failure and some have speculated that the park has been permanently shut down. Reasons for this have run the gamut from wolf packs taking over the park to a train carrying spent nuclear fuel rods derailing there. This is not the first time a space has become unreachable. A few weeks ago, the same thing happened to Uproar Arena and Mercia. We met with a Home technician and inquired if this is a failure in the Navigator systems. "I want to assure everyone that the Navigator systems are working and that those spaces still exist" he said.

When asked to elaborate, he spoke to us of coterminous and coexistant planes of existance, dimensionality, and the Homepocalypse but when asked to break things down in layman's terms, he said "You just can't get there from here. Landscapes are shifting, some are just shifting earlier than others."

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